Xampp Installation – Setting up the Environment for PHP programming

PHP & MySQL Course:

In the previous lecture we just learnt something about the basics. And also some important things which will be need us during this course.

Lecture 2:

In this lecture we will install three things which are most important for our course.

  1. Xampp For Local Host Server
  2. Navicat For MySQL
  3. Notepad++ For PHP & MySQL IDE

Xampp For Local Host Server:

First of all we should know about the Xampp Windows Server. The important job of the Xampp is to execute PHP & MySQL programs on the browser. Let’s we start the installation of the Xampp Windows Server step by step. Follow the pictures for your understand. First of all download the Xampp Application for your windows. As I mentioned the website in my previous lecture from which you can download it. After download double click on the executable file of Xampp or right click on it and then click on the Run as Administrator from the drop down list. After following this you will see the window as in Figure 1. XammpWindowsServerInstallation-1 Figure 1   Confirm the Language which you can understand then click on OK In Figure 1, it is a chance to select your desired language. We commonly use English and it is built-in selected Language. You can change it now and then press OK button to proceed the installation. XammpWindowsServerInstallation-2 Figure 2    This window will check the Graphics and Resolution of your Computer. In Figure 2, it is confirming the version of your windows as 64bit or 32bit. The Xampp is available commonly 32bit version for all type of Operating systems. So don’t worry about it. It will work correctly on your computer after installation. Just press OK button and process. XammpWindowsServerInstallation-3 Figure 3   Setup Wizard Confirmation… Figure 3, it is showing the version of the Xampp Setup Wizard. Confirm it and press Next button and proceed for the next window. Don’t waste your time on pressing Cancel button. XammpWindowsServerInstallation-4 Figure 4   Directory of the Xampp Windows Server In Figure 4, it is giving you a Golden chance to change the directory of your Xampp Windows Server. If you changed it now so it will be easy to work with it. But you don’t do it now, so it will be difficult of you to change it later. I commonly suggest you to select a different local drive for your Xampp Windows Server as local Drive D, E, etc. Because if by chance or suddenly your OS drive is corrupt so you will lost your all data which you done. XammpWindowsServerInstallation-5 Figure 5 Services which you want to use from the Xampp Windows Server In Figure 5, you can select the Services which you want to use. There are three services which we use them commonly. They are, Installation Apache as Service, Installation MySQL as Service, and Installation Filezilla as Service. You should select these three services for your Xampp windows server best performance. XammpWindowsServerInstallation-6 Figure 6 Selected services for Xampp Windows Service In Figure 6, you can see the services which I selected for the Xampp windows service best performance. Check your selection and confirm it. Then press the Installation button to proceed. XammpWindowsServerInstallation-7 Figure 7    Xampp Windows Server Installation In Figure 7, now you can see in this figure the installation is begin. So don’t do anything just wait for the normal mode where you can press the Next button, then proceed forward. XammpWindowsServerInstallation-8 Figure 8 Confirming the Xampp Windows Server Installation In Figure 8, now it is confirmed that the Xampp Windows Server is installed on your local system without any error. So without any hesitation click or press the Finish button and proceed. XammpWindowsServerInstallation-9 Figure 9  confirming the Ports for Running the Xampp Windows Server In Figure 9, it is confirming the ports. As you can see there is a message of failed. It means that the default Ports are busy at this time may be there is any other application which is using them. So don’t worry for this error just follow the installation step by step. In Figure 9, press OK button to proceed. XammpWindowsServerInstallation-10 Figure 10  Installation Finished Successfully In Figure 10, you can see there is a message. In which you can see the installation is finished successfully. So your Xampp Control Panel is fully ready to use. Press OK to proceed. XammpWindowsServerInstallation-11 Figure 11   Congratulations In Figure 11, it is congratulating us for the Xampp Windows Server installation and being ready for the use. Click on Yes button to use the Xampp Control Panel first time. XammpWindowsServerInstallation-12 Figure 12  Telling the Current Directory Error In Figure 12, it is confirming the current Directory for your Xampp Control Panel. It sometimes not run from the current directory so we use the installation directory where we installed the Xampp Windows Server. So just go there and double click it from the directory. XammpWindowsServerInstallation-13 Figure 13  Xampp Control Panel In Figure 13, as you can see now we are using the Xampp Control Panel first time on Local computer. Here now check the services which you check at the services confirmation. Here it is showing them as Modules and they are checked now if anyone is not start so click on it to start it. XammpWindowsServerInstallation-14 Figure 14  All services are running In Figure 14, as you can see. Which services we had selected last time. So there were some are not started automatically in Figure 13. So now they are running successfully in Figure 15. XammpWindowsServerInstallation-15 Figure 15   Browser and Main or Home page of Xampp Windows Server In Figure 15, you can see there is a Home page on browser. So for this page use this link http://localhost, and then press Enter. You can also select your desired language from this page. So select that language which you can understand easily and start the using of Xampp Windows Server. XammpWindowsServerInstallation-16 Figure 16  Use all features of the Xampp for Windows Server In Figure 16, it is showing us the menus of the Xampp for Windows Server. Which you can use freely for your website development. So there are lot of modules and menus are waiting for you. XammpWindowsServerInstallation-17 Figure 17  confirmation and Finalization In Figure 17, it is confirming the installation and from which you can see the details about your installed Xampp Windows Server. XammpWindowsServerInstallation-18 Figure 18  PHP MyAdmin Home page In Figure 18, here you can use the MySQL facility. So you can easily use the MySQL to create and insert data to your website. Note: the installation of the Xampp for the windows server is little bit confusing and also difficult. That’s why I thought to tell you the complete installation of the Xampp. The downloading and installation of the Notepad++ and Navicat for MySQL is fully easy just click next and next buttons. Then they will be fully and successfully installed on your Local machines.


In this lectures we discussed the installation of the Xampp for Windows Server step by step from the scratch and we also discussed the problem which can be occur during the installation.


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