55-Best websites like fiverr to start earning


55-Best websites like fiverr to  start earning

our today’s article will be to highlight 55 websites like fiverr that will not only provide you opportunity to boost your skills  but also let you earn  some decent amount of money .Where you will need to work for very few hours!. yes, you guessed it correct!  i am taking about MICRO JOBS! If you are not familiar with the world microjob , that means small jobs, that are completed with in an hour, or less. These jobs usually do not require much information they are specified.Joining  these sites like fiverr will definitely  give you a better experience and you may start these micro jobs as your career, because many people have earned thousands of dollars with out doing much, or just selling their services to so many clients in these fiverr alternative sites.well below are 55 best websites like fiverr  that you can join to sell you service and also buy some service for your self , may be for your final year project , or ask some body to sing a song that your mom! . even you can have service that will sing a birthday song for you.

What Services you can find on Fiverr and Fiverr alternative sites

you will be amazed what kind of service people provide in these micro job website. If you have no plans, still recommend it to you to just have a  look at these website . you can buy an ebook, you can buy a review , SEO service, social media marketing , can do an assignment for people. You can write a research paper for some one, can draw logos for business websites and companies, make a voice over, design a website in fiver, write an article for people, can also do internet marketing. And much more. We have worked harder and found the worth , traffic , and alexa ranking of these 55 websites like fiverr in month of April 2014. The most favourite and famous website in the world of Micro job is Fiverr.com  but since the competition is very high there and it get a bit difficult to start earning quickly i have come up with an idea that we should work on fiver also , but we have much better option available other then fiver.

 list of websites like fiverr in 2016



I highly recommend every to join PeoplePerHour to get a decent amount of money for your service ,because In the world of freelancing, online business  and sites like fiverr, it is very important to mention peopleperhour a platform that believes in quality service . i have been a  seller at PEOPLEPERHOUR  therefore i have good idea of the platform,  if you are a buyer ,having your own  business and you are in need high quality service join it now!



This one of the best  of websites like fiverr, where you can find an expert of almost every field, here you can sell your services with price you are happy with. This website give a unique option of bumping your service to the front page once in 24 hours. you have the option to bump five of your service to front page a day. i would recommend you to have a look at the website.

websites like fiverr



Traffic  And Alexa Ranking for seoclerks

1,494,000 visitors / day
44,820,000 visitors / month
537,840,000 visitors / year
7,469,551 pageviews / day
224,086,530 pageviews / month
2,689,038,360 pageviews / year
Alexa Rank: 3,006



When it comes to freelancing websites like Fiverr the first place i would like you to join is TopTal. One of the best platform to start your career with. Plus if you are a business organization, it would again recommend Toptal, since it has great resource of highly talented custom developers and designers bring quality in your businesses .  This website is in high competition with other websites of its kind.  


About  this website i can just say it has great look, it is struggling hard to reach the place where other micro jobs site are .I would recommend, that you visit this site and at least make Five gigs /jobs here . You can have gigs from 3$-100$.Which is a good symbol, you have multiple choices, you can simply make gigs that are available on other website this way you can start earning quickly.While searching for sites like fiver, this can also be considered. it is on initial stages, but i thing will eventually get some position. websites like fiverr you will get 3$ and  second level just by publishing five gigs and sharing them to social media . how simple is that.      


One of the best website form the set of websites like fiver, i have analysed it, and was very impressive, because one can easily see the number of jobs in queue that is an indication how people are interested over here, my first and for most recommendation is this website, give it a try and enjoy your earning with mirco job sites like fiverr. sites like fiverr

54,593 visitors / day
1,637,790 visitors / month
19,653,480 visitors / year
Alexa Rank: 31,368


well, about this website i can say that i have earned around 70$ with in my first  month . by placing just few gigs or jobs. This website also have different options for selling and buying gigs at different price, contrary  other website like fiverr  fourer has just now introduced a new virtual currency that can be used to buy gigs on fourer, i would strongly recommend to check out this website , and see its features that would remind you that there are still good website available then fiverr on this earth.

77,116 visitors / day
2,313,480 visitors / month
27,761,760 visitors / year
Alexa Rank: 20,769




Socialhawkers This is another great website like fiverr  where you can have your service listed . This website also gives you feature to boost your service to the front page with only one dollar, that is very low and once you get better profile you can earn more money. They have Three user level  which have there own requirements and benefits , better you have a look at this website also .

website like fiverr


Traffic  And Alexa(website rank in world) Ranking for socialhowkers

13,098 visitors / day
392,940 visitors / month
4,715,280 visitors / year
Alexa Rank: 69,022



This another website that will help you earn more money . This website again has variation in price , form 5$ to onward, depending the type of service is offered, this kind of website will let you earn more once you build a decent profile, every thing goes smooth then, so for the beginner users and also for those who have tried their best in making money through fiver should look at this website .

 website like fiverr


Traffic  And Alexa(website rank in world) Ranking for Gigshours

2,503 visitors / day
75,090 visitors / month
901,080 visitors / year
Alexa Rank: 666,122



This is also good , website like fiverr and much popular as the above two website, here you can still find good clients here. As a beginner you need to use all your card to get work done, so joining this website will hopefully bring you some decent amount. you can login in either with Facebook  or complete a sign up form its up to you  the way you like.

websites like fiverr


  There are large number of websites like fiverr we will bring before you only 55-website that have high earning and have efficiency to earn you good money  

Traffic  And Alexa(website rank in world) Ranking for fiverup

7,322 visitors / day
219,660 visitors / month
2,635,920 visitors / year
Alexa Rank: 180,345



91,523 visitors / day
2,745,690 visitors / month
32,948,280 visitors / year
Alexa Rank: 13,989



12,357 visitors / day
370,710 visitors / month
4,448,520 visitors / year
Alexa Rank: 76,430



400 visitors / day
12,000 visitors / month
144,000 visitors / year
Alexa Rank: 1,888,943


431 visitors / day
12,930 visitors / month
155,160 visitors / year
Alexa Rank: 1,609,573


One of fiverr alternative website, that is build on the famous script called fiverr clone script. However the best part about tenbux is , they have a good loyalty program. Completing only 20 services with positive review maintaining rating of 90 will let you achieve level2. That makes you able to sell your service from 5$ to 15$ . At level three you will have an option to make your service rate upto 200$ and the service charges drops to 10% that is not like other websites like fiverr would do . Over all this website looks to me, promising you can give it a try , and test your luck. 


when it come to sites like fiverr we can never neglect the up growing website that can be place for you to earn more then your expectation, here you can make gigs from 1$ to onwards. This website has really got amazing figures and is really great place to start earning . like other website this website have place for request and place for gigs, you can either sell or buy . In fact  i would greatly recommend you to join this website and place your great jobs here and enjoy what this website can give you in-return . sites like fiverr website

Fiverr Success Ebook

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fiverr for freelancers

The most favourite and famous website in the world of Micro job is Fiverr.com but since the competition is very high there and it get a bit difficult to start earning quickly i have come up with an idea that we should work on fiver also , check out this book to start earning 4000$.    

Soon more website like fiverr  will be placed , enjoy earning with fiver alternatives comming .

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