object oriented  programming 

we are going to start learning about fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming.
What is Object Oriented Programming:
Object Oriented Programming OOP is a methodology that represent concepts in the form of objects (object is an entity that have attributes and behaviour), these objects can be used interact with each other for the designing of software applications.
OOP is a paradigm that comprises many important concepts like Abstraction, Encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism.
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What are the pillars of Object Oriented programming?

• Abstraction
• Encapsulation
• Inheritance
• Polymorphism

Simula was the first object-oriented programming language. The programming language is called objected oriented when every things is considered as object.
Smalltalk is another language that is said to be truly Object Oriented Language.
What is Object?
An object can be thought of an entity or concept which has state and behaviour.And most importantly an Object is the instance of class. An object can be a physical entity or logical entity such as car, fan, whiteboard, laptop etc.

What is  Class?
Class can be thought of, as a model, or blueprint on the basis of which objects are produced. Class is a logical entity.

Do you know Difference between object oriented and object based programming language?

Object based programming language have all the functionality of Object oriented programming except
• Polymorphism and Inheritance
• Object-based languages have in-built object
• JavaScript and VBScript are some of the object based programming languages.

Whereas Object oriented programming languages:

• Supports all the features of OOPs.
• Do not have in-built object.
• C++, C#, Java are example of Object-oriented languages.


Points to Ponder?

can you name 10 of the most popular programming languages ?


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