Top 10 Freelancing Websites for Freelancers

Top 10 Freelancing Websites for Freelancers:In today’s world many people want to get freedom for work. The best way to do so is to become a freelancer and do the work you love. There is no boss tension and no 9 to 5 timings. You just need a computer with internet to work from anywhere. Though the journey to becoming a freelancer is not easy you should check out these freelancing websites.

List of top 10 freelancing sites to start online earnings

People Per Hour

On this website you can hire freelancers on a per hour rate. This system is beneficial to both client and freelancer. Freelancer is working or not is monitored by softwares like tahometer. On this website you can also endorse your friend and also get endorsed yourself to increase your ranking. There is also a referral program which gives you 10 dollars on successful completion. There is also an android and iPhone app for this website. You can also declare your skill on the website be it wordpress customization, logo design, website design etc.

SEO Clerks

This website is related to SEO freelancing jobs and SEO workers as well as web marketers should register on this site. This marketplace also has come creative jobs like web hosting, data entry work, article translation, audio, video, bulk links, article writing, blogs, directory submission, link building, forums & press releases. A client on this website can also buy blog reviews, blog articles, tweets, eBooks, software & website themes at seoclerks.com at affordable rates. Here you can find jobs like finding human targeted traffic, building page ranks for websites, increasing Facebook likes, increasing Youtube views, blog comments & backlinks.

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Freelancer.com is a very famous website worldwide and there are very few freelancers who do not know about this website. This is the best site to analyze how these types of sites work, how the projects are posted and how multiple freelancers’ bids on projects. You can also verify how the freelancers get paid and how the projects are assigned. Freelancer.com has an easy to use interface, quick navigation, and more than five million freelancers. Freelancers can increase their hourly rate with good feedback on freelancer.com. There are thousands of jobs to bid on.


One of the best and highly reliable source for business, organizations, start-ups & individuals to hire highly qualified freelancers at most affordable rates. TopTal has one of its best feature that is Top 3% which is formed after careful analysis and screening , in order to provide its clients and business owners most reliable freelancers. You can start by applying as Freelancers and start some decent work with decent income. I recommend you to have a loook at this freelancing website if you have some interest as freelancers.


Odesk.com is promoted by the owners as Official Desk at anywhere. On this websites freelancers will get jobs on various categories starting from logo design to web design, admin to support work, and jobs related to web programming to web marketing. Clients can find freelancers from any city, state or country. Clients can also find freelancers who are near them.




Fiverr.com supports online freelancing and here you can start with small services. This is also called micro services as this is a unique idea that works on a $5 ratio. The clients will give you their small work and pay you $5 using Paypal. As a client you can track your freelancer, communicate with him/her, give feedback and review him/her. This type of small work include creating a small video, designing a logo, reviewing a website, do some SEO of a website, write an article or advertise some products. Due to all this fiverr is a very popular site to join for micro services starting at $5. you can check out our most ranked article about other websites like fiver .


At elance.com you can post projects on different categories like website design, content writing, logo design, admin work, data entry, transcription service etc. Elance has a great service of trust & safety for clients and also has payment protection for clients & freelancers. You can also search freelancers based on their skills. Web development, web design, and mobile application development related freelancers make the majority in elance.com.


it is another best freelancing website for freelancers where you can make your service posting  form 2$ -100$ , this website has really got guts and i strongly recommend you signup here and place your gigs /jobs to start a decent earning from this website. it is best website for freelancers .

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99 Designs

This is another good website for freelancing graphic, web and animation designers. This is a designing contest based website. The client enters and chooses a design package and displays it in the market. The clients, then receives a lot of designs and selects the best design, and awards that design creator the award money. The client will also give feedback on your rating, design and comments. If you are a wordpress theme designer, web designer, graphic designer or 3d animator, you should join 99designs.com as this website will give you the chance to sell your designs online.


This website is for people who are entrepreneur minded and want to setup a virtual or remote office. This is a very easy website to use and clients can get all the necessary information about the freelancers so that they can hire the best matched person. Guru also uses safepay as its payment option which gives security to clients and freelancers. Guru also assists businesses to get work.

Witmart works in two ways. One is the contest route where you have to post a project and invite the bidders to bid. Once the project is accepted the bidder gets the money. This is a good place for people who want to design banners, logo, social media marketing and web design. In the second option if you need a freelancer for a long term project you should choose a freelancer as per his/her skills and pay when the job is done.

Since whitmart is launched in 2010, still very few people know about this freelancing website, so the overall number of bidders & freelancers may be less than other sites. It is possible to get


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