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What is c sharp?

What is c sharp?

C sharp is a programming language that combines the features of object oriented and procedural programming.procedural programming more focuses on way to handle data rather than the data itself  whereas object oriented programming focuses more on the data.

With the release of visual studio2005,the c-sharp language has been updated to to version 2.0 with the new features such as:

Generics :

Allow the user to write a general implementation of  a type (class,structure or inheritence),which is specilized by the compiler and runtime environment (CLR)based on the types uses it.

Iterator :

Enable looping (or iterations)on user defined data types with the foreach loop.

Static classes :

Contains only static members and  do not require instantiation.

Partial classes :

Allow the user to single class into multiple sources code(.cs)files.

Annonymous methods:

Enable the user to specify a small block of code within the delegate declaration.

Nullable types :Allow a variable to contain a value that is undefined.

Accessor Accessibility :

Allows the user to specify the accessibility levels of the get and set accessors.