Partnering with Software Developer

Seeking a Custom Software Development Partner – Things to Consider Once you’ve decided on using a custom-built application in your business, it is crucial to choose the best firm to assist you in software development. Getting a good partner is not the only thing required for success. It is also necessary to discuss some significant… Read More »

Why You Should Try Cash for Phones Concept?

Are you looking for some easy way to make cash? Youngsters today are interested in finding better options that can help them earn extra income either using websites like fiverr or some other cool staff. If you have many old mobile phones in your closet and if you are not using them anymore you can… Read More »

Top 5 Tips To Increase Facebook Fan Page Likes

Hello Friends After very long time Today I’m Going To Post a Very usefull Article For Bloggers and Facebook Page Managers As I have shared many tips and tricks on facebook in my older post, if you are new here then must check, Have you created a Facebook Fan page but couldn’t able to increase its likes… Read More »

6 Ways to Speed up Your PC

If you have had your PC for a long time, you will realize that it is not as fast as it was once. You might be wondering whether you have done something wrong that cause damage to the PC. Frankly speaking, a little change will affect your PC’s performance, and many sorts of different changes… Read More »

The Advantages of Blogging for Small Businesses

The Advantages of Blogging for Small Businesses: Blogging is perhaps one of the cheapest, easiest and most effective marketing tools available for small businesses. They reap many benefits, especially in terms of search engine optimization (SEO), hence helping businesses increase their rankings. But, that’s not all. Blogging also plays an important role in developing customer-business relationship.… Read More »

how to create Fragment in android

What is fragment? Fragment is a partial part of activity, that comprises of xml layout, and java code. Its main advantage, is the resuability of code, once the fragment is created, it can be called in different activity where needed. It works just similar to the include function, that is used in php, that mean… Read More »

creating Date class in c++

Creating  date class in which  member data may consist of three integers: like day, month, and year. three member functions: getdate( ) which allows the user to input  a date,displaydate( )/showdate() function which displays the date the last changeformat( ) function which change the date in mm/dd/yyyy format. */ #include<iostream.h> class Date{ private: int day,month,year; public: Date():day(0),month(0),year(0){} void… Read More »